Pick 3 Random number generator - Minnesota Lottery

Pick 3 in Minnesota is a popular and fast-paced lottery game that has captivated the interest of players across the state. Known for its simplicity and daily drawings, Pick 3 offers an exciting opportunity to win cash prizes. To participate, players choose three numbers from a pool of 0 to 9 and select their desired bet type, such as straight, box, straight/box, or pairs. In a straight bet, the numbers must match the winning numbers in exact order to win the grand prize. In a box bet, the numbers can match in any order, providing more chances to win. The straight/box bet combines both options. Additionally, players can choose pairs, which require matching the first two or last two winning numbers in the exact order. With daily drawings and various betting options, Pick 3 keeps the excitement high, and players eagerly await the results, hoping to become the next lucky winner of cash prizes in this thrilling and straightforward game.

Pick 3 Random Number Generator - Minnesota Lottery


Advanced Lottery Random Number Generator for Pick 3

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