Professional Random Number Generator - New Zealand Lottery

New Zealand offers a variety of number-based games, including Lotto NZ and Keno. Lotto NZ is the principal lottery game, where players choose six numbers from a pool of 40, and an additional bonus number is drawn. Jackpots can roll over and increase in value if no one wins, and there are additional prizes for matching fewer numbers. Keno, another popular game, is drawn four times a day. In this game, players choose up to 10 numbers from 1 to 80, and 20 numbers are drawn each round. The more numbers matched, the larger the prize. Both games, regulated by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission, offer players numerous opportunities to participate and potentially win prizes, adding to the excitement and appeal of number-based games in New Zealand.

Random Number Generator - Lotto New Zealand (6/40)

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Keno (10/80) Random Number Generator - New Zealand

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